The specialist

Latest generation warehouse
  • 2250 m2 area ranging temperatures from 0°C to 28° C,
  • 3 cold storage rooms also used as ripening rooms,
  • Storage capacity of about 1,200 pallets,
  • Sistematic control of products upon arrival,
  • Full compliance with current EU import regulations and standards(Labeling, Origin, Type, category, Size, Weight),
  • MRL analysis of pesticides.

From the producer to the customer…”Commercial Logistic” is in charge of preparing orders….

Commercial Fruits is part of the Union of french importers of fruits & vegetables and signed through Fel Partenariat the first convention of self-control in the professions of fruits & vegetables importation and exportation.

A quality approach illustrated in this video :
  • Unloading the containers
  • Quality control : Brix/temperatures/standardization/Residues analysis
  • Storage
  • Preparing orders
  • Expedition